Storm Damage -Trees down – Canal Authority Responds

About two weeks ago, we had a storm whip through the area, and as usual, a few more trees were felled down The Oxbow shoreline and woods. Unfortunately, there are quite a few trees that have died through natural aging, and some that have been overpowered by unchecked vine growth.

The morning after the storm, on my daily meander along the trail with my dogs, I found two very large branches were blocking our path. One in particular was precariously lodged against the tree trunk and held in place by two thin branches.

IMG_2549One wrong move and this could have fallen on someone. It wasn’t anything I had the courage to  tackle, so I sent this photo to the Canal Authority and a few days later, they turned up with a backhoe and a wood chipper.


IMG_2562Job done! Just a little sawdust is all that remains!



The Oxbow: More than an incident!

If you haven’t visited it yet, now is a great time. The woodland trails are open, the waterfront is -at long last  – view-able  and the fishing is great! Visit it now, before they pull the plug!

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