Beware – Wasps on the warpath!

Last week, I got stung over a hundred times after I was weed whacking a clearing along the Oxbow shoreline to enable fishermen to access the water. These wasps which I believe are some sort of Yellow-jacket, are very aggressive, and were all over me until I jumped into the canal and hid behind my boat.  I almost passed out from the pain and an ambulance was called to check me out.

Today, The New York Power Authority engaged a licensed pest control company to eradicate them, thank fully..   I was taking my dogs for a walk when I happened upon the gentleman who was dressing up to tackle these  horrible insects.  (I’m still itching from the stings a week later)

On my return from the walk into Hart’s Woods, the exterminator was taking off his protective gear and I asked him how he got on.   He’d dug the nest out and applied some chemicals which he said would take 4-7 days to completely take effect. As he took off his foot gear several wasps fell out, his legs were ok but they got through his gear and stung him on his arms a couple of times.

If you are thinking of going down the Oxbow Trail in the next few days, I’d suggest you postpone it for at least a week, for safety’s sake.  These guys are MEAN!


Why was I weed whacking?    See here


Author: Mike Caswell

I live in Fairport, and my home is at The Oxbow section of The Erie Canal. I fish, have a pontoon boat and like messing in boats. (see I'm retired and enjoy every day living here with my wife Carol and our two dogs.

3 thoughts on “Beware – Wasps on the warpath!”

  1. Holy crow Michael, you are lucky you survived those stings. That’s frightening. You do such great work to help preserve this area and that is not a very nice thanks.


  2. Mike,

    If that was me getting stung that much I’d have died,

    That’s what happens when people don’t take action to clear public spaces & just let nature control an area. If you want a clear and SAFE walking path or park, Nature seldom delivers without a HUGE helping hand from humans who want to live in HARMONY with Nature. Living in harmony doesn’t mean letting nature sting people to near death, it means you set limits for each other when needed…

    Sorry you got such a freight doing a good deed for the community. Even more sorry those who continue to stand in the way of your improvement effort didn’t find that bee hive BEFORE you did.. lol. Good thing you are an ex-beekeeper,

    Glad you are OK, now Ill bring my benedryl when I come out to help.

    Take care, Doug


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