A resident remembers.

Out of the blue, I received an email from a lady, who, as a child, lived at #49 Oxbow Rd. Her name is Janet Ashley and this was her home.

My family got to live here.
Born in 1957, lived in the Oxbow till I was ten. My oldest brother was two then. My sister and me with my daddy. We often walked the road from one end to the other end. It was the best place to grow up with the canal as our back yard. I learned to swim there and ride our sled from the hill to the side of the house, right into the frozen drained canal in the winter. In 1966 daddy had to shovel us out of the home from the storms.
We didn’t know we were poor till homes were built nearby, and I went to play with a little girl I met at the hill and her mom said she couldn’t play with me for I came from the Oxbow.
But now I see I had it all there! What a great place to grow up!
We didn’t have e a lot but we knew how to use our imagination. The Oxbow was our home and we loved it. So sad for others who didn’t get to experience it or the simpler times.
God Bless the people of Fairport especially the Oxbow residents who inspired me as I grew up.
Fannie was my neighbor and the Ecks – so kind and generous people!

Oh! The memories live on!

She wrote again –

I am so glad you are keeping the area alive and cleaning it up. I lived there till I was 10 with my dad raising me. I was so happy to see the picture for our home which was burnt as well. Dad lost anything left there. I feel complete now that I have the picture of my old homestead.

When I was a small child (1963) we had a fire involving the furnace. Our house burnt down, I want to say 1970 by or 72 not really sure, I just remember daddy telling me.
We lived at 49 Oxbow Rd. I forget what Flo’s address was. Fannie lived next door looking at our house to the right then Ecks lived next to Fannie. Bruce, a friend of my brothers, was the last house there. A few years later, I heard he died. To tell the truth, as a child I don’t remember Bruce. All I can say is the home was dilapidated, almost ready to sink. When we stood there, I didn’t get a good feeling. Mostly I guess because of the man in the home. I had no idea he would die a few years later and I pray he didn’t die lost. I will write a letter about what else I remember when I am able.
Again, thank you for all you do to revive the area. My husband said we will try to go in June or August, as I have vacation then

God Bless


one of 4 Ashley children

Author: Mike Caswell

I live in Fairport, and my home is at The Oxbow section of The Erie Canal. I fish, have a pontoon boat and like messing in boats. (see www.mud-skipper.com). I'm retired and enjoy every day living here with my wife Carol and our two dogs.

7 thoughts on “A resident remembers.”

    1. I remember him having a lot of dogs! And he was into lifting. Was always a super nice guy! Grew up in 47 with my Grandparents and my mother rented the #37 for years. I had an amazing childhood! Was back recently and though it was nice and beautiful, everything was just gone. 😦


      1. Kenneth

        I am so glad you visited The Bow. If you’d come a few years ago you would have cried. Trash everywhere, overgrown with invasive plants, a complete mess. Please tell us your story. What can you remember? What did you do? Who were your friends?
        The Oxbow is a very special place, full of memories and friendly ghosts.


  1. I remember a family that use to go to Helen Bliss, she was a babysitter on East Ave. My brothers and I used to go there for a short time.


  2. What a great story!

    Rhonda Shaffer, PQ Daughters of the Nile Supreme Goodwill Ambassador, NE Area Zama Temple No. 14 Rochester, NY


  3. My husband lived with his parents in the Oxbow. He always said it was a great place to live. His parents lived there until 1982 when they were basically forced out. They lived at #4. Richard and Lucy Haley


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