I thought this bird was a cormorant. Its a regular these days around The Oxbow, and its evaded any close up photos so far.

The best I’ve done are these, on my zoomed Iphone.

Then I spotted a photo on the BBC’s web page and realised I was probably wrong. The color of the plumage on the throat gave it away.

The tricoloured heron (Egretta tricolor), also known as the Louisiana heron, is a colorful medium-sized heron of the Americas with a liking for coastal swamps and marshes. In flight and at rest they hold their neck at a curve similar in shape to an ā€˜Sā€™.

If it is a Tri Colored Heron, then perhaps its a little off course, as the Wikipedia web page doesn’t show its habitat being this far north.

A closer encounter!

And then there were two!

I’ve been informed that herons spear their fish, but cormorants dive for theirs, and the two photographed above were diving and catching fish. A search in my Audubon bird book stated they are immature GREAT CORMORANTS, Phalacrocorax carbo, which accounts for their brown color, which will change to black in maturity. They winter here from NewFoundland and can be as far south as New Jersey.

Author: Mike Caswell

I live in Fairport, and my home is at The Oxbow section of The Erie Canal. I fish, have a pontoon boat and like messing in boats. (see I'm retired and enjoy every day living here with my wife Carol and our two dogs.

One thought on “Cormorant?”

  1. Lovely. I LOVE herons. They are my favorite bird. Cormorants are the rats of the bird family. Up in the 1000 Islands, they have devastated islands and right now are working on someone’s private property and destroying it and the homeowners can’t do anything about it. We certainly do not want them on the Canal. They do not have a hunting season and do not really have a predator since nothing can get near their nesting sites because they smell so much. Their poop is highly acidic and actually burns the vegetation they are near or in. Cormorants fish by diving. Herons attack from above which is a good way to see what you have there. I have seen many herons on the canal, but this one is little. Cute. They are late migrating as they usually leave the area earlier. But I saw a couple yesterday down by Montezuma and the Seneca Canal.
    Nice photos.


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