One thought on “A Sunset at The Bow!”

  1. This view of the sunset in Fairport is great, but will be MUCH better once the NY State Canal Corporation removes all the unsafe trees from the Oxbow Lake Dam. This dam is about a mile or longer and covered with unsafe vegetation that’s hiding the dams’s horrible state of decay.

    Yes the Oxbow Lake is the name on NYS Canal records, and yes, that 50′ tall “hill” next to the Oxbow really is an earthen embankment dam.

    It’s also an embankment dam that currently has one of the worst safety ratings in the entire NYS Canal System…High Hazard Rating. It needs immediate attention & remediation to lower the safety concerns to the general public, especially those living below it, in the Flood Hazard Zone.

    Love the view, hate the fact it could flood Perinton and all points west at any time.


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