Our First Mow This Year!

Spring has been a little late coming this year, but at last the grass is growing, the birds are singing and everyone seems to be happier, at least those folks walking The Oxbow do.

The daffodils are almost over, except for the batch I planted in the spring. They are a little later blooming, but it was a good thing, because it extended the pleasure of seeing them.

After this mow, The Oxbow trail is the best I have ever seen it, Simply beautiful, tranquil and it is a pleasure to sit on our new benches, breath in the fresh air, and watch and listen to all the many birds here. We seem to have attracted a lot of wildlife. The Blue Herons, Red Kingfishers, finches and even an otter last week. He was running across the trail up and into the wood.

As I (Mike Caswell) have retired from the day to day running of The Bow, Eric Gavelis has taken over the permit from the Canal Corporation to look after the project. Under his direction, the new benches were installed, and our first mow carried out by Mr Kim of #1 Oxbow Rd, and Eric.

They are looking to do this work themselves so want to purchase a lawn tractor they can designate to this work. If you feel like making a donation, please leave a message here.

Author: Mike Caswell

I live in Fairport, and my home is at The Oxbow section of The Erie Canal. I fish, have a pontoon boat and like messing in boats. (see www.mud-skipper.com). I'm retired and enjoy every day living here with my two dogs.

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