Spring has Sprung down The Oxbow

What a drag this winter has been, but despite Jack Frost’s attempts to prolong winter, our lovely flowers have forced their way through the snow.

Spring has arrived! And here’s the proof!

Quite a spread of snowdrops
Crocus – a remnant of cottagers days
Daffodils – planted last fall


Great Find in Attic of Oxbow Pub!

Mr Kulika Kim and his wife Sophie recently purchased #1 Oxbow Rd. and have begun some serious demolition and renovation to the property. During this work Mr Kim discovered the pub’s old ledger, dating back to the 1940’s.

You’ll drool over the 1940’s prices of Genny beer, and 35 gallons of Kerosene for $5. (Hopefully that was for heating!) It appears they were using about 20 gallons a week, if you look at page 49.

Browse through these scans and see what gems you can find, and leave a comment here.

Old Topper Ale – seems quite a lot was consumed here, according to these records and it was $1.60 a case (24) for the 7oz size. (about 7 cents each at cost)

I just hope Mr Kim finds some more little gems like this! Who knows, he might even find a stash of cash! Stranger things have happened! 🙂