Clean Sweep today.

Spring cleanup was delayed until today, due to the rotten weather we’ve had just lately. but the temperature and conditions couldn’t have been better. We didn’t get a huge turnout of folks today, but a great deal of work was done. Being Mother’s Day, perhaps they had other things planned. The piles of brush and logs removed were huge.

One really large dead tree trunk was sawn up and placed at the curb, where the canal corporation’s maintenance crew will mulch them up later this year. A huge amount of Honeysuckle was cut down . This is, of course a controlled. illegal invasive plant that can ruin a woodland lot, so we’re well rid of it.

The ladies planted several bags of flower bulbs and wildflower seeds. We just need a little rain now to get them all going.

Our plantings of daffodils last fall are out now, and looking wonderful. I only hope we can plant a ton more this fall. They certainly brighten up the little dells we have.

The Myrtle originally planted by cottagers is in full bloom along the water’s edge, and those folks really liked Lilies of the Valley, because they are sprouting up everywhere. I can’t wait until they flower because you can get drunk on their perfume.

We have so much to look forward to in the way of flower scents. Night Stocks , Honey Locust and Catalpa trees will all add to the enjoyment of this magical little corner of Fairport.

Come and enjoy the views and the flowers!

Author: Mike Caswell

I live in Fairport, and my home is at The Oxbow section of The Erie Canal. I fish, have a pontoon boat and like messing in boats. (see I'm retired and enjoy every day living here with my wife Carol and our two dogs.

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